How To Restrain Your Dog For Paw Trimming By Two Vets

The single most difficult part of dog nail clipping is restraint. Always be safe, firm and gentle. Sounds easy in practice but is hard when your loving pet turns into a canine variation of Houdini on anabolic steroids the minute you reach for your dog clippers!


One of the founding partners who is a vet in practice walks you through a short introduction and then reveals you ways to restrain your animal for nail clipping quickly and above all safely.

We cover 3 approaches of nail clipping for use on all pets but especially on the more gentle personality, we will follow this up with a second video revealing a nervous dog and also the 2 individuals approach of restraint. This is necessary for extremely nervous pets.

Nevertheless please keep in mind safety is constantly vital and if you have any issues ask your Veterinarian or Pet Grooming Expert for advice especially if this is your first time clipping your pets nails. Also do not be afraid to use a muzzle (modern muzzles are safe and stress free for many pets) if you have any issues as all pets can bite if they experience a sudden pain or shock. Better to be safe than sorry especially for the first few times you clip your dogs nails.

Constantly practice the strategies before you begin to clip your pets nails and we recommend a few weeks sometimes of practice and simply getting your dog accustomed to having his or her nails and paws held, preferably as some sort of game for example each night. Followed by an incentive;-).
Also in our viewpoint less is more and if in doubt simply cut a tine piece of the nail at a time to avoid cutting the delicate quick. As pointed out earlier get your very own vet to reveal you ways to do this dog nail clipping the first time.
We will be doing more videos on how to cut the nail and behavioral training to get your pet accustomed to nail clipping.

Remember a small percentage of pets and cats will NOT tolerate this procedure.
Good luck enjoy the video, be safe have fun and keep in mind practice makes perfect. For more information

Paul and Sarah Simply Pets Online.